Sparklets Company History

1896    Aerators Limited commenced trading in Crayford, Kent. First product was an Aerator bottle covered in wicker effect

1900     Aerator bottle was shown at the Paris International Exhibition

1901      Aerators Ltd purchased a 3 acre site at Broad Street Avenue, London E.C. near Angel Road station

c1901    Sparklogene model launched which replaced the Aerator bottle

c1910    Prana glass syphon succeeded Sparklogene. Ran to 1934

1913      First Doehler machine used in UK was imported from USA

c1913  Name change to Sparklets Ltd (I am looking for confirmation of this)

1914     Sparklets Ltd made small arms munitions during the 1st World War

1920   BOC purchased Sparklets Ltd

1928     Company was based at Upper Edmonton, London N.18. telephone: Tottenham 2647, Telegrams: “Spumante. Phone.London”

1923     20/9/23 British patent for syphon by J C Barr

1930s   Sparklets Corporation of New York, a subsidiary of Sparklets Ltd, sold glass mesh syphons and the Streamline model

1934     Standard Syphon introduced. Glass, with a non-return valve.

1938     Address: Sparklets Ltd, Thames House, London SW1.

1943     Advert for ‘Prana’ pressure die castings

1945     Streamline Syphon launched in UK, in chromium plate

1949     Approx 400 employees

1952    Sparklets Ltd moved to a 4 acre site in Queen Street, Tottenham

1955     Glass syphons production ceased

1957     60% of sales went to 176 export markets. Company had 700 employees (425 men and 275 women)

1957     Hostmaster range launched

1960    Globemaster range launched

1964     Adverts showed address as: The British Oxygen Co Ltd, London W6

1973     1,300 people employed at the Tottenham factory

1981     Syphon production ceased