Hello fellow Sparklets Collector,

I owe my passion for Sparklets products to my father. About 10 years ago he became interested in the syphons and raised the subject with friends and family. He found many of them had a syphon lurking in the back of the sideboard which was then offered to him. A collection quickly grew, but for space reasons was consigned to the loft. One day, loft insulation meant clearing the loft and I acquired the collection. I decided to display the syphons and was amazed how great they looked in a lit cabinet. I then got the bug to build a complete collection and research the company.

Collecting as my father did meant there were lots of duplicates. I inherited 19 Ruby Hostmaster Mk3 syphons! I decided just to keep one of each model and colour, and then started to research all the ranges and colours. To date I have not found any database of Sparklets product information, so decided to create one myself. Hence the Sparklets Collectors’ Guide was born.

The information in the guide has been built up by me over the last 6 years. Most of my product additions have come from a large internet auction site, where it is easy to spot new variations. I have also trawled the internet and other sources to build up the whole story. The site will continually be evolving with additional products and information and I apologise in advance for any technical problems along the way. If you have new product information or are able to correct any detail on the site, kindly get in touch via the contact page. 

Good luck and happy collecting – SCG (Nov 2013)

Thanks to: Edme Ltd for production dates and model information, BOC for historical information.


Sparklets Price Guide

The site includes a guide price for each item. The price quoted is the most likely price you would expect to pay for a product, based on recent internet sales, shop prices and my own purchases. The quoted price also reflects colour rarity within a range. Please note; this is a guide only, and because there has been no reference guides to products previously, sale prices can vary considerable from my quoted price.

The great thing is while most syphons can be acquired for under £20, syphons still often sell for just 99p plus postage on the internet, so there are bargains to be had!


Product Codes

SCG gives each product a unique code for clear identification. The code is generally made up of the range letters followed by the colour.

Code description
AG Apple Green
BK Black
BO Burnt Orange
BU Blue
CB Cornflower Blue
CH Champagne
CO Copper
CP Chrome Plate
CR Cream
DB Diamond Blue
DG Dove Grey
EG Emerald Green
FW Fresco White
GH Grey Hammered
GP Gold Plate
GY Grey
LI Lime
ML Metal Lattice
MS Mirror Stainless
OG Old Gold
OR Orange
PG Pearl Green
PI Pink
PO Poppy
PR Primrose
RB Royal Blue
RD Red
RE Rembrant Brown
RP Renoir Pink
RU Ruby
SL Silver Leaf
SS Satin Stainless
TO Topaz
WB Wedgewood Blue
WH White
WM Wire Mesh
WK Wicker