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Complete Reconditioning of clients own Sparklets Soda Syphon to working order. Including some US Sparklets Syphons. Now guaranteed for 1 year in a domestic setting.

Complete Reconditioning of clients own Sparklets Soda Syphon (head only) to working order. Guaranteed for 1 year in a domestic setting (but unable to offer any guarantee on the syphon body as this is not inspected).


Models covered by this service include:

  • Hostmaster Marks II & III
  • Streamline
  • Globemaster


Plus opportunity to book an advice and technical support slot via email / phone


Coming Soon

Types C & D  Czech glass mesh syphons (from 1920 onwards) to various quality levels including ‘original quality ‘ (availability date TBA)

Please register your interest for more information.


Spares for models covering years 1920 – 1982

Neck Seals

Dip Tubes (remanufacture of original « flared end » design)

Parts for Painted aluminium syphons

Plastic plunger soda control valve (both reconditioned and – shortly – remanufactured)


Coming soon

Metal soda control valve for early painted syphons and Streamline syphons

Reconditioning service for heads of early Sparklets Art Deco style syphons having the round base CO2 inlets found on early Streamline, new Steamline, Hostmaster Mk. 1, early Globemaster and early American models.


See Ebay address for Fully  Reconditioned and Ready to use Syphons including some rare ones with more due to be added soon



MOSA or LISS 8g bulbs work best on the Sparklets syphons/

Sparklets Collectors Guide recommends for bulbs>>>>>>>>>>>>