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Product Details Price: £15-£20

Sparklets Collectors Guide code: SCG/BHM-32

Description:  Grey metal bulb holder with riveted instruction panel. Wings marked with ‘D’. Panel wording: ‘Pierce slowly and shake vigorously. Continue piercing & shaking until all gas is discharged. Then REMOVE THIS HOLDER AND BULB’

Bulb Size:  C

Used with:  Sparklet ‘D’ Syphon – Glass syphon covered in wire mesh

Produced:  1935-1955

Bulb Holder Length: 77mm

Notes:   This bulb holder had to be removed from the syphon during use, as the “D” syphon has a non-return valve. This item is a variant on wording of item BHM-31.

Thanks to Eamonn P. for the picture.