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Product Details Price: £60-£80, £100-£150 with box

Sparklets Collectors Guide code:   SPG/P03-WK

Item name:  Aerating Bottle

Detail:  Glass bottle with cane covering

Markings: None

Produced:  1896-1898

Height: 325mm

Notes:  This was the first style of aerating bottle and was sold as a “special bottle” to “aerate water and other liquids”.

Made by Aerators Ltd, it was aerated by ‘carbonic acid gas’ from the Sparklet capsule. Instructions state that cold tea, still wine, and milk could all be aerated in the bottle.

There were different variations of the bottle shape produced. Hard to find today. This bottle was added on 17/7/22 and I believe this variant is the first model made, in 1896.

Thanks to Jeroen van Wettum for the pictures.