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Product Details Price: £80-£120

Sparklets Collectors Guide code: SCG/P35-CP

Item name:  Sparklet Syphon Charger

Detail: The syphon charger involves aerating liquid in a glass syphon which is contained within a metal outer case, presumably for safety reasons. The metal case twists to unlock it, and the top half lifts off to put the syphon inside. This is the first listing to show the glass syphon which is charged with gas by placing it inside the charger and following the instructions shown on the outside of the charger. Although the glass syphon is protected when inside the charger, it is unusual to see a syphon which has no wire or cane on it to protect the user in the event the syphon exploded. I therefore assume that it is very early in date.

Markings:  Full operating instructions on metal plaque. “IMPORTANT – SHAKE WELL BEFORE REMOVING SYPHON” pressed onto case.

Produced: c1900-c1905

Height: 382mm

Notes: Item was found in the UK and added on 13/3/21. Many thanks to Jeroen van Wettum from the Netherlands for sending in the pictures.