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Product Details Price: £45-£65

Sparklets Collectors Guide code: SCG/PCP-WM-S (Spanish)

Item name: “Prana” Sparklet “C” Syphon

Detail: Glass bottle covered in wire mesh with pedestal base.

Markings: ‘Aerators Ltd makers London’ on head.  ‘ADMITESE EL GAS LENTAMENTE Y AGITESE BIEN’ on collar

Base markings:

Produced: 1908-1914

Height: 340mm

Notes: Capacity 5 glasses. This syphon needed to have the bulb in place during use to stop the gas escaping. It is larger version of the “Prana” Sparklet “B” Syphon. It takes bulb size C, code SCG/BUC-NN. One of the harder to find glass syphons. This example was made for the Spanish market. Thanks to Manuel for the pictures.