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Product Details Price: £15-£20

Sparklets Collectors Guide code: SCG/H3B1-WH

Body colour:  White

Base markings: Serial No.SHU+ , BOC, Made in England

Produced: 1967-1981

Head: All black plastic (no chrome nut on top), with twisted chrome lever

Height: 320mm (exc drip tray)

Drip tray: SCG/DTP5-WH

Notes:  Pictures of this syphon were sent in by a SCG user. Body is the same as the standard Hostmaster Mk 3, but the head is different. The head is all black plastic with no chrome flip cover to the gas injector. Possibly missing a black plastic push on cover. Chrome lever has a twist in the design. Bulb holder is different too. This could be the last variant of the Hostmaster. Anyone know any different?

Many thanks to Carl for supplying the pictures.