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Product Details Price: £150-£180

Sparklets Collectors Guide code: SPG/P04A

Item name: Travellers’ Flask (Pattern No. 25)

Detail: Electro-plated metal flask, holding a reputed pint and fitted with a drinking cup. Made by Aerators Ltd, under the brand “Prana Sparklets” it would seem to be an aerating flask, and is likely to be a portable version of the aerating bottle. Uses “A” size bulbs.

Markings: ‘Aerators Ltd makers London’ on screw cap

Produced: c1896-c.1913

Height: 230mm

Notes: This is a very early and rare model and did not know of it’s existence until a site user contacted me in July 2014. I have since seen it detailed in the 1913 William Whiteley store catalogue which I have used for my date estimate. Sale price is 1913 was 5/- which would be £25 in 2014.

This example was sold on Ebay USA for $250 in August 2014.

Many thanks to Norma G from Mexico City for the pictures.


Update Feb 2016. New information from Nick C showing another flask in its’ original leather container proving the initial thoughts that this is a travel flask.