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Product Details Price: £50-£75

Sparklets Collectors Guide code:   SCG/P51-ML

Item name:   Sparklet Syphon, Model: De Luxe

Detail:  Glass bottle covered in a metal lattice

Markings:  ‘Sparklets Ltd makers London D’ on head. ‘Use one bulb only’ on cap.

Base markings:  none

Produced:  c.1946-c.1955

Height:  345mm

Notes:  This is a brute of a syphon, which I have nicknamed ‘the man in the iron mask’! I am unclear if this preceded the mesh covered ‘D’ types, or was a variant sold at the same time. 29/1/17 I added a picture of the item boxed which told me the model name. The syphon pictured has a rare drip tray.