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Product Details Price: £80-£120

Sparklets Collectors Guide code: SPG/P21A

Item name: Single Maxator (Pattern No. 1)

Detail: The Maxator System involves aerating liquid in a glass bottle which is contained within a metal outer case, presumably for safety reasons. The metal case twists to unlock it, and the top half lifts off to put the bottle inside. The system uses the earliest ‘A’ size bulb. It is possible this was designed for travelling.

From an advert in “Queensland Country Life” dated 1/12/1902, ‘it consists of 6 glass bottles which take A bulbs, and has one nickel case which enables the owner to charge all the bottles and keep them for use as required, the whole Maxator apparatus is 12s. 6d without the bulbs.

Markings:  ‘Sparklets Maxator System for Rapid Aeration’

Produced: c1902


Notes: This is a very early and rare model and did not know of it’s existence until a site user contacted me in April 2015. This model was advertised and sold in Australia. Has anyone come across this item elsewhere or can elaborate on it’s history?


Many thanks to Steve H from Australia for the pictures.

Update Apr 2017 – Details of this product were found in a 1902 Aerator’s catalogue in Canada. Listed as ‘Pattern 1″ !