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Product Details Price: £35-£50

Sparklets Collectors Guide code: SCG/PDFC-WM-U (USA Model)

Item name: Sparklet “D” Syphon

Detail:  Glass bottle covered in wire mesh with flat base.

Markings: ‘Sparklets Corporation New York 5D5′ on head. ‘Use one bulb only’ on cap. ‘Do not fill above red line’    on neck. ‘SPARKLETS REG US PAT. OFF.’ on collar.

Base markings:  “MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA”. “7D5”. These 3 digits will vary on each bottle.

Produced:  1934-1955

Height:  340mm

Notes:  Made in USA. The cap on top of the head is made of brass, and the chrome plating on the cap is prone to flaking off over time.